Time Server

I have recently set up a public (open access) s/ntp time server that operates at stratum 2. It is available on both IPv4 & IPv6 with the server name ‘ntp.moocat.me’. A good place to start understanding what NTP is and why it is useful is with this FAQ found at ntp.org. The server also participates in the ntp pool project which was easy to setup and hopefully provides a benefit to the community.

For those interested in the statistics on how it is operating, details are available at ntp.moocat.me. In the near future I plan to update the server to allow it to work with encrypted connections giving access to more clients. As well as this I plan to upgrade it from Stratum 3 to Stratum 2 which will hopefully improve accuracy.


02/10/2016 – The server has been upgraded to stratum 2.
17/03/2017 – An additional graph has been added to statistics page (ntp.moocat.me) that tracks ntp packets sent / received by the server.