Converting XMI Files To MIDI

Recently while looking through old files I stumbled across that I was patacialy fond of. So I started digging through files so that I could locate and play its music files. To my upset once I had finally found them nothing I had installed would play them. After a bit of searching I did find a solution.

The software that I came across that matched my needs was SSPlayer. Looking at its description it seemed to be what I needed, having been originally created for a similar purpose. I was skeptical that it would work with being that it was last updated it 2001, but to my disbelief it worked beautifully.

Using the program is relative straight forward, but before that you must first download it and then then extract it. Once you have done that you can follow the demonstration of the conversion below:

Open CMD.

Navigate to the directory you unzipped the files.

Once in the directory run "ssplayer -extract full file location". Make sure you specify the full location otherwise it will fail.

It will process the file, then output it in the current directory.